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Kamali'i O Ke Kai

Kamali'i O Ke Kai meaning "Children of the Sea", has found its success by several island spirited individuals whom have life lined their passion for the "aloha spirit" through the expression of paddling.
Kamali'i O Ke Kai offers a variety of levels of paddling, from beginners to the most experienced, from same sex teams to co-ed, and from young to the young at heart. Whether a season or a life of paddling - you can discover that this appeases the island spirit that lives state side that are not so fortunate to live in the islands.
Kamali'i O Ke Kai is 1 of 20 Northern California Canoe Clubs that competes at diverse Lakes and Oceanside surroundings. Our mission is to spread the "Aloha Spirit" through outrigger canoe paddling and encourage the quality of many cultures through family oriented gatherings at our competitions.  Kamali'i O Ke Kai's home is at Lexington Reservoir in Los Gatos, CA. We are plenty strong and we will make room for plenty more. If you are interested in joining our Ohana, or want more information about the Club, please contact us.
Ohana and respect for oneself and to others are the foundation of this organization and we are proud to "JUST PADDLE”

Membership information 

There are 3 different membership levels:

  • Adult levels
  • Adult Active Member (includes one team jersey and preference for participation in outrigger canoe regattas)
  • Recreational Adult Paddler
  • Junior levels (< 18 years old)
  • Junior Active Member

Please follow the prompts provided in the NEW MEMBER SIGNUP page on the menu bar.

Experimental Paddle Day information

  • You are welcome to try out for up to 2 times in a period of 2 weeks before becoming a member
  • Please wear comfortable clothes that are suitable for water. Regular shoes will not be allowed in the canoes due to safety reasons. Water shoes or flip flops are ok.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes before practice start to receive both safety & paddling instructions
  • We highly encourage you to reserve a slot via the calendar below sp we can secure a slot. We can take walk-ins but these will be based on availability of seats

Parking information

  • There is very limited street parking on Alma Bridge road and there is an option for paid parking right at the boat ramp
  • We recommend carpooling whenever possible

Safety information

  • All team members and guests are required to fill and sign a standard waiver. You will automatically be offered the waiver when you register for an event online.
  • Tenis shoes will not be allowed in the canoes neither will be cotton pullovers due to risk of extra weigh and water absorption in case the canoes huli (turn)
  • Each canoe will have one life vest per person available irrespective of your ability to swim. You can bring your own life vest if you prefer.
  • One needs to be cleared by a physician for practice of physical sports. Canoeing is a physical sport and exposed to the elements on the water. Please let us know if you have any medical condition that might impact your ability to participate of this activity

Club policies

Kamali‘i O Ke Kai is not only a competitive outrigger canoe group, but first and foremost a community organization which promotes a strong family environment. There are certain obligations that every member must adhere to if Kamali`i O Ke Kai is to grow and prosper. Below are the basic expectations that are fundamental to the growth of Kamali`i O Ke Kai. 

Revisions to this code of conduct are prohibited.

  1. I shall respect my fellow members and treat all equally.  
  2. I shall strive to promote the primary Kamali`i O Ke Kai purposes outlined in the bylaws.
  3. I shall participate in all Kamali`i O Ke Kai events.  
  4. I shall strive to make all new members and guests of Kamali`i O Ke Kai feel welcome and comfortable.
  5. I shall not use profanity, vulgar language, racial slurs, or sexually demeaning comments around the canoes or during any Kamali`i O Ke Kai event.
  6. I shall respect the rights and property of others.  
  7. I shall pay my dues on time.
  8. I shall not act in such a way that will reflect poorly on Kamali`i O Ke Kai.

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